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Balancing the Nervous System Webinar


Why does a stimulant like Ritalin cause children with true ADHD to calm down?
Why do relaxing nervines cause nervous agitation and insomnia in some people?
Learn the answers to these questions and more in Balancing the Nervous System.

Price: $25.00

Emotional Healing Intensive -Jan 2019


This three-day workshop is an opportunity for students in our Certified Emotional Healing courses to get emotional healing for themselves and experience in doing emotional healing work with others. Students have the opportunity to experience emotional healing work as well as to assist in emotional healing work with other students. This will be our second workshop for 2018 and will be held January 18-20, 2019 in St. George, UT.

Pre-requisites: Taking 2018 Emotional Healing classes
Took 2017 Emotional Healing Class
Took pre-2017 Emotional Healing classes
List Price: $100.00
Price: $600.00

Energetic Aromatherapy


Join Steven Horne as he shares his decades of experience and his unique approach to understanding essential oils using energetics.

Traditional approaches rely on memorizing long lists of oils and the various problems for which they can be used. Steven's energetic approach frees you from this dogmatic method by focusing on the eight basic actions of essential oils and 16 basic aromas that provide these actions. Understanding these help you apply essential oils in new and exciting ways.

Price: $99.00

Five Keys to Discovering Your Perfect Diet


This class has been cancelled.

Price: $97.00
Notify when back in stock

Fundamentals Module 4: Healing the Mind and Emotions


 It’s no secret that our thoughts influence our health. There is a well-established field of medicine called psycho-neuro-immunology demonstrating how our mind affects the health of our body through the nervous system. All too often we overlook this invisible aspect of health, but it is impossible to be completely healthy without a positive mental attitude and a happy, peaceful and loving heart. So, in this final module, Steven talks about how to cultivate a positive mental attitude (one that leads to health) and to work through negative emotions and rediscover peace, happiness and joy. Doing these things will activate powerful healing forces in the body and help you achieve lasting and high level wellness.

Price: $75.00

Module 3: Specific Emotional Healing Tools and Techniques


Module Three of our 2018 Emotional Healing Training Program covers a variety of tools and techniques you can use to help yourself and others to heal emotionally. This includes training in the use of aromatherapy and flower essences for emotional healing. 

Price: $5.00

Module 4: Universal Energetics and the Tree of Life


Module Four of our 2018 Emotional Healing Training Program provides an in-depth look at the the concept of energetics, which is the idea that everything is composed of energy. We'll discuss in detail the emotional anatomy map Steven uses in emotional healing work and the 12-element Tree of Life module discoverd by Roylon Morenson it is based on. 

Price: $5.00

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