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AvazziaLife Regular or Pro-Sport III


 Electrical energy can help to ease chronic pain and promote healing. These are amazing units you can use for yourself or in your office or clinic. 

Price: $1280.00

Energetic Aromatherapy


Join Steven Horne as he shares his decades of experience and his unique approach to understanding essential oils using energetics.

Traditional approaches rely on memorizing long lists of oils and the various problems for which they can be used. Steven's energetic approach frees you from this dogmatic method by focusing on the eight basic actions of essential oils and 16 basic aromas that provide these actions. Understanding these help you apply essential oils in new and exciting ways.

Price: $99.00

The Body System's Questionnaire


This questionnaire is designed to suggest body systems and glands that may be in need of nutritional support. You get 50 of these 4 page full color questionnaires.

Price: $25.00

The Energetics of Herbs and Essential Oils


 Going to the NSP Convention in Las Vegas in September? Join Steven Horne for this powerful hands-on workshop. Move beyond a head-based understanding of herbs and essential oils to a sensory-intuitive understanding of how these remedies work. Class size is limited, so register early. 

Price: $150.00

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