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2017 Convention Sale - 10% Off

Flower Essence Assessment Tablet (100 Sheets)


These questionnaires are an easy way to help people determine which of NSP’s flower essence blends they need. They simply mark which statements they believe in and you total the results at the bottom. A description of each of the seven flower essence blends: Distress Remedy, Keep Cool, Find Strength, Release It, Open Heart, Be Courageous and Be Response-Able is included on the back.
Sold as a tablet of 100 questionnaires.

Price: $12.00
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Flower Power Brochures (25)


These full-color, tri-fold brochures explain how NSP’s seven flower essence blends can help wounded hearts and restore happiness, joy, love and inner peace. The brochure explains why we need emotional healing, what flower essences are and how they can help. Sold in packages of 25.


Price: $18.00

Healing with Chinese Herbs


Unlock the power of Chinese herbal remedies to bring healing and wellness to your life! For more than 2,500 years, Chinese natural healers and medical practitioners have been perfecting herbal treatments to heal disease and promote wellness.

Price: $6.95

The Body System's Questionnaire


This questionnaire is designed to suggest body systems and glands that may be in need of nutritional support. You get 50 of these 4 page full color questionnaires.

Price: $25.00

The Comprehensive Guide to NSP 6th Ed


 All of Nature's Sunshine's Products in one handy to use book. Including information on ailments and conditions, usage, properties, ingredients, body systems and warnings.

Price: $35.95

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