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Flower Essence Assessment Tablet (100 Sheets)


These questionnaires are an easy way to help people determine which of NSP’s flower essence blends they need. They simply mark which statements they believe in and you total the results at the bottom. A description of each of the seven flower essence blends: Distress Remedy, Keep Cool, Find Strength, Release It, Open Heart, Be Courageous and Be Response-Able is included on the back.
Sold as a tablet of 100 questionnaires.

Price: $12.00

Flower Power


  • Do you need Flower Essences to Rescue You?
  • Inside this issue of Sunshine Sharing you’ll learn how to relieve anger, fear, sadness, and other negative emotions effectivly with flower essences.
Price: $10.00
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Flower Power Brochures (25)


These full-color, tri-fold brochures explain how NSP’s seven flower essence blends can help wounded hearts and restore happiness, joy, love and inner peace. The brochure explains why we need emotional healing, what flower essences are and how they can help. Sold in packages of 25.


Price: $18.00
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Healing with Flowers


Healing with Flowers covers seven flower essence blends created by Steven Horne with the assistance of Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz. These blends are Distress Remedy, Keep Cool, Find Strength, Release It, Open Heart, Be Courageous and Be Response-Able. Based on the seven basic emotional states described in Steven’s book, The Heart’s Key to Health, Happiness and Success, these blends address the major emotional issues that everyone experiences from time to time. Discover how easy it is to use flowers to balance your emotions, improve your relationships and heal your life by ordering Healing with Flowers today.

Price: $6.95

The Heart's Key to Health Happiness & Success


 The Heart's Key to Health, Happiness and Success is based on 24 years of experience and research.  In it, Steven discusses the importance of feelings and the heart and how to create greater physical, mental and emotional well-being by healing the wounds in your heart.



Price: $17.98

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