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Heal it Yourself: 3 Essential Keys to Restoring and Maintaining Good Health
Heal it Yourself: 3 Essential Keys to Restoring and Maintaining Good Health

In this 52 minute program, Steven Horne explains the three essential secrets to effective natural health care. In clear and simple language, Steven explains why a paradigm shift is needed in the way we view health and disease.

His first key is to stop treating effects and start looking for causes. Here, he explains the disease tree, constitution, the four root causes of disease and biological terrain. He explains how symptoms are just effects. We’ll only solve the problem of disease when we start working on causes.

His second key is to understand that disease symptoms are not the enemy, they are the efforts of the body to heal itself and find balance. Supressing symptoms with toxic drugs only drives the problem deeper into the system. Here, Steven explains the Furnace Analogy, the concept of toxic overload and the need for cleansing as a primary therapy for most disease.

Finally, Steven presents the important key of building health instead of fighting disease. In this segment, Steven explains the disease process, including the process of acute illness and the disease crisis, the four stages of disease, the healing crisis and Hering’s Law of Cure.

This powerful program is an excellent tool for teaching customers and Distributors the value of natural healing methods.


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