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1. Fundamentals of Natural Healing
1. Fundamentals of Natural Healing

We all love to share something we find valuable and the information in this course has been of amazing value to me. Hi, I'm Steven Horne, the author of this course, and when I discovered the principles of natural healing described in this course, I was able to get what I considered near miraculous results with natural healing in my own life and the lives of family and friends. For instance:

  • I’ve completely relieved the pain of smashed fingers in less than 20 minutes with no subsequent bruising or loss of a fingernail.
  • I’ve literally “rubbed away” pain from bumps, scrapes and even sunburn with children, family members and friends in just 10-30 minutes.
  • I’m completely massaged away the pain of sore throats in as little as 20 minutes.
  • I’ve seen a sick, feverish child suffering from a cold or flu running around and playing, completely well, in just a few hours.
  • Ninety-five percent of the time I’ve been able to relieve tension, sinus and even migraine headaches in 20-30 minutes using nothing more than my hands.

So, when I hear about parents struggling with children in pain from earaches, fevers and other ailments, my heart goes out to them. I often think of the Biblical verse, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” 


As explain in the video below, natural healing isn’t just substituting herbs and nutritional supplements for drugs, or using alternative treatments for disease instead of medical treatments. It operates on a completely different understanding of health and disease. Medical treatment is really disease treatment and is focused on fixing the symptoms of what goes wrong in the body.




The Fundamentals of Natural Healing course is a course in real health-care.  You won't get a list of diseases and the remedies for them in this class. Instead, you'll be presented with four fundamental principles of health and healing, one in each of the four modules. The eight half-hour lessons in each module will help you understand this core principle of natural healing and learn how to apply that knowledge in multiple ways to both regain and maintain good health.


You can sign up for one or more individual modules at $75 each, or you can sign up for all four for just $250. The Fundamentals course is the first course in the Family Herbalist Certification and Certified Herbal Consultant programs. 


If you can't attend the live webinars, they are recorded and posted in our online learning center, along with handouts, a short reading assignment and a self-help quiz that will help you master the material. Each lesson should be easily completed in less than one hour. 

Here's a more detailed list of the content and lessons in each module:


Module One: Healing Injuries and Relieving Pain


The body’s initial reaction to all damage, whether mechanical or chemical, is inflammation. Inflammation is characterized by heat, swelling, redness and pain and knowing how to deal with inflammation properly allows you to help injuries heal rapidly and to rapidly relieve pain without pain killing drugs. Since it is well established that chronic inflammation is at the root of nearly all chronic and degenerative diseases, knowing how to treat inflammation properly helps to prevent more serious illness as well. When you finish this module, you'll have practical knowledge that will help you deal with numerous first aid situations, as well as more serious chronic pain. The first time you use this material to rapidly reverse an injury, you'll be thankful that you took the time to master these simple, but incredibly effective techniques.


Lesson dates and titles follow: 

January 18: Inflammation: The Body’s Response to Injury

January 25: Basic Injury Reversal and Pain Relief

February 1: Astringent Herbs for Injuries and Pain

February 8: Mucilaginous Herbs for Injuries and Pain

February 22: Advanced Pain Relief Techniques 

March 1: Homeopathics and Essential Oils

March 8: Using Analgesic Herbs  

March 15: A Quick Guide to Natural First Aid


You can register for module one by clicking here or you can get module one as part of the complete course.


Module Two: Healing Acute Diseases


Contrary to popular belief, there is a cure for the common cold. The secret to curing the common cold and flu, as well as other acute infections, sore throats, ear aches, headaches and other common acute ailments lies in the symptoms. Symptoms are the result of inflammation (as discussed in module one) and the efforts of the immune system to fight the disease. You can recover rapidly for all these conditions if you learn how to work with the symptoms instead of fighting or suppressing the symptoms. 


Lesson dates and titles follow: 


March 29: The Cold IS the Cure: Working with Symptoms

April 5: Using Aromatic Herbs

April 12e: Cleansing the Colon

April 26: Cleansing the Skin

May 3: Cleansing the Respiratory System

May 10: Cleansing the Liver, Lymphatics and Urinary System 

May 17: Relieving Headaches, Earaches and Sore Throats

May 31t: A Quick Guide to Healing Acute Disease



Module Three: Healing Chronic and Degenerative Disease


People operate under the delusion that there are specific “cures” for specific diseases. This is a disease-care approach, not a health-care approach. You don’t treat diseases, you treat people. You do this by understanding the laws on which good health is based. When you adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle you provide the conditions the body needs to heal itself. And, when the body does start to heal, it doesn’t heal one disease, it heals every disease you have. We call it treatment by prevention. You heal by doing the same things you should have done to stay healthy in the first place.


Lesson dates and titles follow: 


June 7: Addressing the Root Causes of Disease

June 28: Biological Terrain and the Four Stages of Disease

July 5: Treatment by Prevention: Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle

July 19: The Vital Importance of Nutrition

July 26: Basic Supplements

August 2: Detoxifying Your Life

August 9: Detoxifying Your Body

August 16: A Quick Guide to Healing Chronic Disease


Module Four: Healing the Mind and Emotions


It’s no secret that our thoughts influence our health. There is a well-established field of medicine called psycho-neuro-immunology demonstrating how our mind affects the health of our body through the nervous system. All too often we overlook this invisible aspect of health, but it is impossible to be completely healthy without a positive mental attitude and a happy, peaceful and loving heart. So, in this final module, Steven talks about how to cultivate a positive mental attitude (one that leads to health) and to work through negative emotions and rediscover peace, happiness and joy. Doing these things will activate powerful healing forces in the body and help you achieve lasting and high level wellness.


Lesson dates and titles follow: 

August 30:: Stress, Abuse and Trauma as Causes of Physical Disease

September 6: Mental and Emotional Patterns in Physical Illness

September 20: Tools for Overcoming Stress

September 27: Working with Grief and Emotional Pain

October 11: Working with Depression and Anger

November 1: Working with Anxiety and Fear

November 15: Developing a Positive Mental Attitude

November 29: A Quick Guide to Overcoming Mental and Emotional Illness


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Price: $250.00

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