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AvazziaLife Regular or Pro-Sport III
AvazziaLife Regular or Pro-Sport III
These custom-made microcurrent devices are far more sophisticated than competitive products used for relieving pain and promoting healing. They contain specialized frequency sets that enable pain resolution instead of just pain relief. A list of the frequency programs they contain can be found below. To learn about these units watch the following video. 
There are two basic units, the AvazziaLife and the ProSport III. Both can be purchased as stand-alone units or as part of a kit that includes a carrying case and various attachments for specialized purposes. The AvazziaLife unit includes the Avazzia Life User’s Manual from Drs. John and Lorry Hache and the Pro-Sport III model comes with the Pro-Sport III User’s Guide, a 130-page illustrated electronic textbook written by Drs. John and Lorry Hache. 

AvazziaLife Standard

The AvazziaLife contains the following frequency programs:
  • 7.83hz (The Schumann Resonances)
  • 15hz – Used for bone regeneration
  • 30hz – Used for joint and muscle regeneration
  • 60hz – Capable of creating a biofeedback connection and for basic painting
  • 77hz – For clearing electrical buildup from scar tissue, and performing soft tissue work for advanced protocols
  • 121hz – A pulsing anti-inflammatory mode capable of performing advanced protocols
  • 350hz – A mode for flattening Keloid scarring and working to reduce inflammation
  • Blue Stimulate – A mode for wound healing, meridian stimulation, and increased ATP production
AvazziaLife Standalone is $1280 (shipping included)

AvazziaLife Delux Kit

The AvazziaLife Deluxe Kit contains the AvazziaLife Device, Y Electrode, Comb Attachment, Pencil Electrode, Medium Carry Case, Conductive Pads, and Corresponding wires which allow you to use the AvazziaLife in more sophisticated ways. It sells for $1880 (shipping included)

Pro-Sport III Standalone

The top of the line microcurrent device on the market, the Pro-Sport III contains over 50 frequency programs. It comes with a backlit screen for direct digital treatment feedback, and includes the ability to create and save your own programs within its memory. 
Designed with the professional in mind the Pro-Sport III is capable of handling almost any problem you can throw at it, and with advanced protocols that enable you to take the technology beyond pain resolution and move into the realm of Neurological frequencies, the Chakras, Neuropathy reversal, and external Vagus Nerve Stimulation. The possibilities are practically limitless. 
With the assistance of the Pro-Sport III User’s Guide a 130-page illustrated textbook written by Drs. John and Lorry Hache, you will be equipped to begin walking the path to mastering this technology and can start getting fantastic results for yourself or your clients straight out of the box.
The Pro-Sport III Standalone is $3875 USD (Includes Shipping)

Pro-Sport III Delux Kit

The Pro-Sport III Deluxe Kit contains the Pro-Sport III Device, Y Electrode, Comb Attachment, Pencil Electrode, Large Carry Case, Conductive Pads, and Corresponding wires. 
The Pro-Sport II Deluxe Kit is $4325 USD (Includes Shipping)
Select the unit you desire below. Members get a 5% discount off the price of any unit. 

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Price: $1280.00

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