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Flower Essence Assessment Tablet (100 Sheets)


These questionnaires are an easy way to help people determine which of NSP’s flower essence blends they need. They simply mark which statements they believe in and you total the results at the bottom. A description of each of the seven flower essence blends: Distress Remedy, Keep Cool, Find Strength, Release It, Open Heart, Be Courageous and Be Response-Able is included on the back.
Sold as a tablet of 100 questionnaires.

Price: $12.00
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Flower Power


  • Do you need Flower Essences to Rescue You?
  • Inside this issue of Sunshine Sharing you’ll learn how to relieve anger, fear, sadness, and other negative emotions effectivly with flower essences.
Price: $10.00

Flower Power Brochures (25)


These full-color, tri-fold brochures explain how NSP’s seven flower essence blends can help wounded hearts and restore happiness, joy, love and inner peace. The brochure explains why we need emotional healing, what flower essences are and how they can help. Sold in packages of 25.


Price: $18.00

Gluten Intolerance and Other Food Sensitivities


  • Just Because a Food is Healthy for Someone Else Doesn’t Mean It’s Healthy for You! 
  • Inside this issue of Sunshine Sharing you’ll learn how to figure out if your health issues are being caused by food intolerances, what causes them and strategies for either dealing with them or overcoming them.
Price: $10.00

Good Health is as Easy as ABC+D


  • If You Want Good Health, Start with the ABCs: Activate, Build and Cleanse
  • Most Americans have been conditioned to believe that health care means giving a name to your disease (diagnosing) and relieving its symptoms (treating) with pills (drugs or supplements) and procedures (surgery or physical therapy). But, this really isnít health care. Itís disease care. Health care and disease care are not the same thing.
Price: $10.00

Has Life Got You Singing the Blues?


  • There Are Better Ways to Deal with Depression than Drugs!
  • Inside this issue of Sunshine Sharing, we’ll give you some great ideas on how to determine what’s causing the depression and fix it with quality herbs and supplements.
Price: $10.00

Heal it Yourself: 3 Essential Keys to Restoring and Maintaining Good Health


In this 52 minute program, Steven Horne explains the three essential secrets to effective natural health care. In clear and simple language, Steven explains why a paradigm shift is needed in the way we view health and disease.

Price: $9.95



 We’ve all suffered minor physical injuries like cuts, bruises and abrasions, only to see our bodies heal the wound.  But most people carry invisible wounds in their hearts and souls that seem to linger for decades. We know how to properly care for our physical wounds, but most people have no idea how to heal their emotional pain.  The “Walking Wounded” are all around us, carrying the invisible scars of grief, sadness, fear, anger and depression.

Price: $0.00

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