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Blood Type Testing Kit


Interested in eating right for your blood type, but don't know what blood type you are? These safe, disposable kits allow you to determine your blood type in just a few minutes.

Price: $16.00

Blood Type, pH and Nutrition Charts


Newly updated the Blood Type, pH and Nutrition Charts are a valuable reference for tailoring your diet to the needs of your body. The chart comes in for versions, one for each of the different blood types, A, B, AB and O. If you don't know your blood type, blood typing kits are available.

Price: $12.00

Boost Your Immune System


Price: $10.00



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Cellular Detoxification


Modern chemistry has transformed the world providing all the conveniences of modern life. Unfortunately there is also a down side to all of this. Toxic chemicals are now found in air, water, soil and the food supply throughout the earth, and people are experiencing exposure to chemicals on a scale never before seen in human history. The health impact of these chemicals is yet to be fully understood. But with over 90,000 chemicals in current use and growing signs of their toxicity to human and animal life, we may be facing a global health crisis.

This issue of Sunshine Sharing, will address the problem of this growing chemical burden and discuss what you can do to protect your health and the health of your family including minimizing exposure to chemical toxins, fasting for detoxification and important tools for cellular detoxification.

Price: $10.00

Don't Let Your Heart Fail You


The mistaken idea that foods high in saturated fat and cholesterol cause heart disease and that salt causes high blood pressure is widespread. The truth is that these ideas are based on decades-old, discredited research. This issue of Sunshine Sharing will cover the facts and myths about heart disease and its prevention, as well as the common prescription medications used for these conditions, such as cholesterol-lowering drugs (statins), blood thinners and high blood pressure medications and their natural alternatives.

We hope you’ll not only read this information but will take the time to share it, as many people are being misled about the real cause of heart disease.

Price: $10.00



This webinar will discuss how to look beyond the disease and understand it’s causes. Once you understand the cause of the person’s ill health, it is easy to formulate a strategy that will help them actually heal. You can do this even with people who have diseases that you’ve never heard of before. In other words, understanding Western medical diagnosis isn’t necessary to get effective results with natural healing.

Price: $59.00

Electronic Heal It Yourself Reference Charts


Over the years, we’ve developed many charts and models at Tree of Light Publishing to help people learn the basic principles of natural healing. Some of you have requested copies of these charts and models you can use in explaining these concepts to your clients and successline...

Available for Immediate Download

Price: $19.95

Emotional Healing Charts


Make it easier for you to use emotional healing techniques to help your clients heal emotionally with these two charts.

The first chart, Aromatherapy for Emotional Healing, focuses on the outstanding properties of essential oils to help shift emotional states. In this chart Steven covers the eight vital qualities of essentials and the problems they overcome and mapped out how they relate to 16 different fragrance qualities and their energetic actions based on the Oriental model of yin and yang, the Western four element model (air, water, fire and earth). It also lists which essential oils will help with the 12 emotional energy centers. The back of the chart covers the fragrances, qualities and basic effects on mind and mood of 46 major essential oils. These include all of the single essential oils from NSP and many of the essential oils in NSP’s blends. 

The second chart, Essential Tools for Emotional Healing, focuses on the other two tools for emotional healing that Steven has found to be effective, flower essences and question affirmations. One side of the chart will help you use question affirmations to clear issues from each of the twelve emotional energy centers. The other side covers over 100 different flower essences that can be used to open up those energy centers with inpidual indications for each flower essence.

List Price: $30.00
Price: $25.00

Energetic Aromatherapy


Join Steven Horne as he shares his decades of experience and his unique approach to understanding essential oils using energetics.

Traditional approaches rely on memorizing long lists of oils and the various problems for which they can be used. Steven's energetic approach frees you from this dogmatic method by focusing on the eight basic actions of essential oils and 16 basic aromas that provide these actions. Understanding these help you apply essential oils in new and exciting ways.

Price: $99.00

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