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This is a free online class teaches the basic principles of constitutional iridology. It explains what iridology can and cannot do and covers the basic iris genotypes and personality types.

Price: $0.00

Are You Hurt by the Many Health  Problems Linked with Toxic Liver?


The liver isnít a very glamorous body part, but this brown, three-pound organ is one of the most overlooked body systems when it comes to overcoming chronic and degenerative diseases. With over 500 functions to perform, an overworked and under-nourished liver can become congested and sluggish, contributing to numerous common health problems. Learn more about the liver in this issue of Sunshine Sharing.
Price: $10.00

Autoimmune Disorders


  • What Do You Do When Your Immune System Attacks?
  • This issue of Sunshine Sharing explores potential reasons why the immune system is malfunctioning, and what you can do to help balance & regulate immune reactions to restore health.
Price: $10.00

Blood Type pH & Nutrition Tablet


25 pH & Nutrition guides containing all the information in the laminated versions

Price: $40.00



This kit contains 4 blood type kits and 20 charts. It is great for anyone who wants to start using blood typing in their business or with family and friends.

List Price: $136.00
Price: $82.00

Blood Type Testing Kit


Interested in eating right for your blood type, but don't know what blood type you are? These safe, disposable kits allow you to determine your blood type in just a few minutes.

Price: $16.00



Our product catalog
Price: $0.00

Cholesterol and Your Health


Most people in North America believe that high cholesterol causes heart disease and that lowering your cholesterol is one of the best ways to protect yourself from dying of a heart attack or stroke.

Price: $1.95

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