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Strategies for Health


To get better results this book teaches you to find and adopt strategies to correct the underlying root causes of disease, such as nutritional deficiencies, exposure to toxins, unresolved stress, and poor lifestyle habits. Because when you look beyond treating disease symptoms and correct these root causes the body returns to its natural state—health.

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Price: $39.95
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Strategies for Health Consulting Class


If you’re looking to help people solve their health problems using natural remedies, I want to help you.

I’ve helped train successful herbalists and natural healers for over 35 years. And now more than ever we need people who can take care of their own health and the health of the people around them.

This is why I’ve put together Strategies for Health Consulting. This class is for people like you, to help you succeed in helping others to a healthier and happier life. The class is seven sessions and it will be recorded so you can watch it at a later date.

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