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A Holistic Approach to Detoxification
A Holistic Approach to Detoxification

Detoxification is a major therapy in alternative medicine. The idea of cleansing the digestive system, opening up the sweat glands, and otherwise promoting the elimination of toxins has been around for a long time. Cleansing the liver and colon seem to be especially good therapies for many conditions. 

But there's more to detoxification than stimulating elimination. We can hold on to things mentally, emotionally, and spiritually which toxify our soul. We can hang onto anger, resentment, bitterness, sadness, grief, sorrow, and fear. We can allow the past to live in the present, thus burdening us down with a load of unresolved conflicts that affect our futures as well as our present situations. We can fill our minds with negative and false ideas, which hinder personal development.

Physically, the body is healthy when it 1) has what it needs, and 2) is free from what it doesn't need. These are the two parts of staying healthy. I've called them cleansing and building for many years. 

But, there is also a mental, emotional, and spiritual mirror to this. Our soul is healthy when it is fed good and uplifting thoughts and correct ideas (truth), which in turn generate positive emotions. In contrast, our soul is unhealthy when our mind is fed with negative thoughts and false ideas (lies), which in turn generate negative emotions.  

Hence, a mental and emotional detox is often needed to help achieve a physical detox. The two are closely linked. When we clean out our body, by fasting, for example, we also develop spiritually. We are more sensitive and open to truth and less likely to accept error. Thus, helping clients isn't just about physically putting them on a cleanse, it's also about emotionally helping them let go of what isn't serving their highest good. 

In this Holistic Approach, we'll look at detoxification from a broader perspective and talk about how herbs and other remedies can help us let go, not just of toxins but memories of the past as well as toxic, painful emotions. It's an aspect of cleansing most people seldom consider. 


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