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The Channels, Cycles and Constitutions of Chinese Herbalism
The Channels, Cycles and Constitutions of Chinese Herbalism

 Modern medicine suffers from three primary weaknesses. 

  • It is reductionist, not holistic, meaning it tends to see individual symptoms an diseases without regard to overall health.
  • It is mechanist, not vitalistic, meaning it tends to view the body as a machine and fails to take into account the mental and emotional state of the person and how it is affecting their physical health.
  • It is also treatment oriented, rather than prevention oriented, meaning we treat people after they get sick, rather than trying to help them get healthy and stay health

Traditional systems of medicine, like traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) have much to teach us because they tend to be more holisitc, vitalistic and prevention-oriented, as we'll show you in this course. In it, you'll learn six healing principles from TCM:

  1. Life and health are based on energy
  2. Balance is the key to health.
  3. In order to be effective, a therapy must balance the body's energies.
  4. Treatment should focus on the person, not the disease.
  5. Your constitution influences the types of illnesses you are prone to.
  6. Balancing constitution is the long term solution to maintaining health.

As we cover the basic concepts of TCM, I'll demystify the concepts of qi, yin and yang, shen, jing, blood and the five elements, making them clear and easy to understand. We'll talk about the  body's energy channels or meridians and how they relate to the five elements and other TCM concepts. You'll learn about how to balance the energy of the meridians using herbs and lifestyle changes, something that can be done to bring your body back into balance when you are sick, but can also be used to help keep you healthy by balancing your inherent constitution.

We'll also discuss why people feel worse at some times of the day and better at others and how understanding the functions of the various meridians function can help.. They are also more active at different times of the year.

At the end of the class, you'll understand:

  • The meridian channels of the body and the primary organ systems they affect
  • How to identify which meridian channels are out of balance and what to do to balance them for healing and prevention
  • How to use the times of day and seasons of the year to determine how your body is out of balance, and what to do to fix this
  • How to identify your basic constitutional imbalance and strengthen your constitution to keep you healthy
  • Seventeen Chinese formulas and a number of single Chinese herbs you can use to restore and maintain your health.

The class will be held on Thursday, November 7, 14 and 21 at 5:30 PM. All three sessions will be recorded and you will have access to the recordings. Each class will be about one hour and will be followed by a question and answer session.

Our new updated and expanded Healing with Chinese Herbs booklet is also available to purchase and is a great addition for studying and sharing this material.

After completing this class you can share what you've learned, teaching it to others using the Powerpoint presentations we've included. We've assembled some great material that you can use as handouts to go along with the class in our Sharing Chinese Herb Bundle


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