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Balancing the Nervous System Webinar
Balancing the Nervous System Webinar

Why does a stimulant like Ritalin cause children with true ADHD to calm down?
Why do relaxing nervines cause nervous agitation and insomnia in some people?

In the late 1980s I was working with two friends on two products that combined essential oils and trace minerals. The first product, Aromin Day, had essential oils to stimulate a person for greater mental alertness, while the second, Aromin Nite, contained essential oils to help a person relax and sleep better. 

The products did exactly what they were supposed to do with most people, but about 10% of the people who tried them reacted backwards—Aromin Day helped them relax and go to sleep, while Aromin Nite energized them. This always puzzled me. Why would some people react backwards to these products.

Later, I learned that an herbal stimulant, Chinese ephedra, would help calm down children with ADHD. These same children would become more aggitated and restless when given most relaxing nervines like lavender, hops, valerian or skullcap. This also puzzled me.

Then, I discovered the answer. It has to do with the balance of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. People weren't reacting backwards at all. They were just out of balance in a different direction.

In this special webinar, I'll discuss the dynamic balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system responses and how to use herbs and essential oils to bring the nervous sytem into balance. I'll discuss pupil tonus (the size and shape of the pupil in the eye) as a completely dependable way to access nervous system balance so you know exactly the right kinds of herbs and essential oils to use for each person.

I'll explain how you tell the difference between a child (or adult) who is just stressed (sympathetic domiance) and one who is truely ADHD (parasympaethic dominance) and what to do about each imbalance. This is extremely powerful and useful information. It will help you become more effective in helping children and adults who have nervous system problems like hyperactivity, ADHD, anxiety and depression. 

I gave a version of this presentation at an IIPA conference almost three years ago and two medical doctors came up afterwards to tell me how impressed they were with what I presented. One said that it was one of the best presentations he had ever heard on the nervous system and that he had been at many medical conferences. I've updated the presentation since then, so it's even better now. 

If you want to help people with nervous system problems sign up for this hour and a half long class today. It's just $25. 

The class will be held live August 1st at 5:30 PM Mountain Time but you can also watch and review the recording after it is posted.


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Price: $25.00

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