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Fundamentals Module 4: Healing the Mind and Emotions
Fundamentals Module 4: Healing the Mind and Emotions

It’s no secret that our thoughts influence our health. There is a well-established field of medicine called psycho-neuro-immunology demonstrating how our mind affects the health of our body through the nervous system. All too often we overlook this invisible aspect of health, but it is impossible to be completely healthy without a positive mental attitude and a happy, peaceful and loving heart. So, in this final module, Steven talks about how to cultivate a positive mental attitude (one that leads to health) and to work through negative emotions and rediscover peace, happiness and joy. Doing these things will activate powerful healing forces in the body and help you achieve lasting and high level wellness.

This material complements the free 2018 Emotional Healing Program becasue it deals with the more physical aspects of mental and emotional healing such as diet, nutrition, herbs and supplements. It will also talk about the harmful effects of drugs for mood disorders like anxiety and depression and natural alternatives. He will also cover various neurotransmitters and hormones involved in mental and emotional health. 

The topics for the specific lessons for this module are:

  • Stress, Abuse and Trauma as Causes of Physical Disease
  • Mental and Emotional Patterns in Physical Illness
  • Tools for Overcoming Stress
  • Working with Grief and Emotional Pain
  • Working with Depression and Anger
  • Working with Anxiety and Fear
  • Developing a Positive Mental Attitude
  • A Quick Guide to Overcoming Mental and Emotional Illness

This is vital information for today's world where so many people are trying to use drugs to solve their mental and emotional problems. Register today. 


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Price: $75.00

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