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Fundamentals Module 3: Healing Chronic and Degenerative Disease
Fundamentals Module 3: Healing Chronic and Degenerative Disease

The biggest myth of medicine is that you there are specific "cures" for individual chronic and degenerative diseases. The truth is that there are specific medications to manage the specific symptoms of these illnesses, but the only way to actually cure them is to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle. Essentially they are cured by restoring good health, which is the focus of this third module in the Fundamentals of Natural Healing course. 

Building on the understanding of injury and acute illness laid in modules one and two, this module helps you understand that chronic and degenerative disease is primarily the result of unhealed injury and inflammation. The chronic damage and inflammatory process result in tissue breakdown, which causes both structural and functional breakdown. The trick is to determine what is causing the damage and why the healing process is not taking place. 

The tissue damage may be due to a physical injury that never healed properly or an unresolved infection. It may also be caused by nutritional deficiencies and environmental and metabolic toxins. It fails to heal because there is a lack of essential nutrients, toxins that create ongoing irritation and/or unresolved mental and emotional trauma or stress. If we get the body the nutrition it needs, removes the toxins that are interfering with healing, and we resolve the mental attitudes and emotional stresses involved, the body heals itself. That's the big secret.

So, in this module, we'll start off by talking about the four stages of disease and its root causes. Then we'll focus on nutrition, how to get the nutrients the body needs to heal through diet and supplementation. We'll also talk about detoxification. We'll discuss colon and liver cleansing programs and other strategies for detoxification as well as harmful substances to avoid in our diet and environment. The mental and emotional aspect of chronic illness will be covered in module four. 

Here are the specific lessons for module three:

  • June 28: Root Causes and the Four Stages of Disease
  • July 5: Treatment by Prevention: Healthy Lifestyle
  • July 19: The GI Tract: Foundational to Good Health
  • July 26: The Vital Importance of Good Nutrition
  • August 2: Basic Supplements
  • August 9: Detoxifying Your Life
  • August 16: Detoxifying Your Body
  • August 23: A Quick Guide to Healing Chronic Disease

Live webinars will be held on Thursday evenings started June 21 at 7:00 Eastern, 6:00 Central, 5:00 Mountain and 4:00 Pacific Time. Class dates will be June 21, 28, July 5, 19, 26 and Aug 2, 9, 16. All classes are recorded and available on the class page. 

You can sign up for the complete Fundamentals of Natural Healing course (the first two modules are already complete and online) for $250, or you can just sign up for this individual module for $75.  


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Price: $75.00

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