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*Seven Keys to Effective Natural Healing online
*Seven Keys to Effective Natural Healing online

 This mini-course in natural healing will give you the core ideas on which we’ve built all my other training programs. When you take it, you’ll learn some amazing things.

In Lesson One: Stop Treating the Effect and Remove the Cause, I’ll teach you all about the model I discovered that got me started in natural healing. It’s called the Disease Tree™ and it will put everything else you learn about natural healing into perspective.

In Lesson Two: Don’t Kill the Pain, Heal the Damage, I’ll share techniques that can take the pain out of injuries in just minutes. And these techniques don’t just mask the pain, they actually speed healing.

In Lesson Three: The Cold IS the Cure, I’ll explain why the cold symptoms are the cure for the common cold. I’ll also show you how working with disease symptoms, instead of against them, can get you well faster—usually in less than 24 hours with acute diseases!

In Lesson Four: Let Food Be Your Medicine, I’ll explain why whole foods and herbs are better medicine than chemical drugs. I’ll explain how you can use food to both prevent and heal numerous diseases.

In Lesson Five: Come Clean: Detoxify Your Life, I’ll explain why toxicity is a major factor in nearly all chronic and degenerative illness and how to detoxify your body and your life.

In Lesson Six: Relax Your Way to Better Health, I’ll explain why unresolved mental and emotional stress is a major root cause of disease and I’ll give you proven tools that will help you get rid of it.

Finally, in Lesson Seven: Balance Your Body’s Energies, I’ll explain the concept of biological terrain and the six tissue states. You’ll learn how easy it is to select herbs and supplements that will bring your body back into balance and restore your health.


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