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Herbal Energetics Booklet
Herbal Energetics Booklet

Get Better Results with Herbs with Herbal Energetics

Most people learn about herbs by being told what diseases different herbs can be used to treat. When one looks at the list of diseases for which some herbs have been used it can be really confusing. How can so many seemingly unrelated diseases be helped by one herb?

The reason for this confusion is simple. Modern medical diagnosis was created to match modern medical treatments. The drugs used by modern medicine are typically single chemical compounds designed to have a specific symptom-relieving effect, such as lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, or relieving pain.

Herbs don’t fit well into this model because herbs are complex mixtures of nutrients and phytochemicals that have broad acting actions. Herbs generally strengthen body systems and balance biological terrain, the internal environment of the body.

Traditional herbalism are based on these actions, but concepts like yin and yang or the four elements don’t make sense to Western thought. This book introduces a Western system of herbal energetics and explains the broad-acting actions of herbal remedies in an easy-to-understand and apply manner. It also includes the energetic properties of 262 single herbs along with some of their common uses. As you learn to recommend herbs energetically, you’ll get faster and better results because you’ll no longer be treating diseases, you’ll be restoring the natural healthy balance of your body.


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