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2019 Sunshine Sharing Bundle
2019 Sunshine Sharing Bundle

Last year we covered a lot of very good basic topics. For instance, we devoted the January 2019 issue to inflammation, which research is confirming is at the root of all chronic and degenerative disease. We also had two issues on the vital importance of the GI tract to overall health. One was about healing your gut (rather than just cleansing the colon) and the other was about the critical role that friendly bacteria in your intestines play in your health and immunity.

We also had some great issues introducing new frontiers in natural healing. In February 2019 we explained the critical importance of nitric oxide (NO) in blood pressure, cardiovascular health and the health of the body in general. Improving circulation has always been an important part of natural healing and this issue helps you understand why. Our June issue dealt with another ground-breaking topic—the electrical nature of the body. We talked about how pH represents the energy storage capacity of the body and how disease occurs as the pH becomes more acidic and the amount of available electrical energy for healing diminishes. 

Our August and September issues were devoted to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). We discussed the meridian system and how the time of day or the season of the year in which you tend to get sick tells you how your body is out of balance. Understanding the meridian system helps make a person more aware of the broad actions of traditional TCM formulas for the five elements. 

These are just some of the highlights you'll find in these issues of Sunshine Sharing for 2019. There's a lot more valuable information for you and your clients. 

This is an opportunity to get a all of the Sunshine Sharing newsletters from 2019 and the order forms to go along with them. Regularly, a bundle of 25 newsletters is $10 for non-members, so these 12 bundles would regularly sell $120. You can get one bundle of each of for just $89 if you order by June 30.

Here are all the issues included in this offer:

Sunshine Sharing is a powerful tool you can use to promote or develop your herbal business. Each month we produce a newsletter to educate customers about a specific health topic. You can add your own information and mail these newsletters to clients or hand them out at your office or store.


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Price: $89.00

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