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Unlock a Vital Key to Health Discounts Apply !
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Unlock a Vital Key to Health

Maintaining the Balance of Health

The idea that balance is the key to health is a foundational principle in all traditional systems of herbal medicine, including Ayurvedia, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and even traditional Western herbalism. Learning to identify how the body is out of balance and what we can do to restore balance is a key to learning how to recover health

Part of this balance is learning how to work with the internal environment or biological terrain of the body. This issue of Sunshine Sharing discusses the importance of biological terrain and a model of six tissue imbalances you can easily correct with herbs and supplements.

Sunshine Sharing is a great way to educate people about the many benefits of Nature's Sunshine Products (NSP). Each issue of this four-page newsletter covers how good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, along with NSP’s quality herbs and supplements, can be used to build, regain or maintain good health. Easy-to-read, entertaining and informative, Sunshine Sharing is a great tool for building your NSP business.

Sold in bundles of 25 copies, many successful NSP Managers and Distributors use Sunshine Sharing as a free monthly newsletter to promote their business. Sunshine Sharing can be used as handouts in your office or shop, or distributed as educational pieces around the community.

Sunshine Sharing comes in bundles of 25 and is available to Sunshine Sharing Members for just $6 per bundle. Non-members can purchase issues of Sunshine Sharing for $10 per bundle.


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Price: $10.00

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