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Blood Type, pH and Nutrition Charts
Blood Type, pH and Nutrition Charts
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Blood Type, pH and Nutrition Charts are a valuable reference for tailoring your diet to the needs of your body. The chart comes in for versions, one for each of the different blood types, A, B, AB and O. If you don't know your blood type, blood typing kits are available.

The information in each of these charts covers foods which are beneficial, neutral, or to-be-avoided for each of that specific blood type, which foods are acid or alkaline forming and information for zoning your food program (balancing carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for optimal health, glandular balance, and weight loss). The updated charts also include foods that are high in salycilates and foods that contain FODMAPs. 

On the back of each chart includes a short guide on how to use the charts as well as information the individual blood type.

These charts are 11 inches by 17 inches and are laminated.

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$10.00 $9.60 $7.20

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These Blood Type charts are so useful

T Davis - 06/26/2019

I rarely give reviews, but when I find a product or information that gives me such applicable info beneficial to my health and prosperity. My blood type chart assisted me with my diet and comprehending the various illnesses I currently suffer from. I wi...

Eat Right For Your Blood Type

Len - 10/30/2018

At first, I wasn't convinced about eating for your blood type. Later, I had a medical blood allergy test done. The results were exactly as the food chart showing foods to avoid.

I'm well, and stay well by simply choosing beneficial foods to eat. I'm a...

Great but we need some for Canadians!

Trish - 08/10/2009

They are awesome reference charts but the back side only has the US name of the Nature's Sunshine products.
Can you get some made up for Canadians?
Trish Leclair
Victoria, BC Canada

Type A Chart

Barb Wohlbrandt - 08/18/2008

This is a very good chart and very helpful to me. Also what really impressed me was the fact that it gave nutritonal and specific rememdies also. Very interesting

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