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Nature's Field - Providing Herbal Eduction for Nature's Sunshine Products

Nature’s Field is Free!

And Other Important Changes in Tree of Light’s Programs

For our 20th Anniversry, Tree of Light is initiating some major changes to our educational programs. It’s all part of a shift in Tree of Light’s focus. Up until this last year, the primary focus of Tree of Light has been to provide third-party educational material to help Nature’s Sunshine Managers and Distributors learn about NSP’s product line. Although our products have also been useful in helping to build an NSP business, that was a secondary function, not the primary goal.

Now, the primary focus of Tree of Light will be to help NSP Managers and Distributors build their NSP businesses. Don’t worry, the health educational value will still be there, it’s just that our focus will be on helping you educate your customers to grow your business, rather than just on us providing product and health education for you.

There are five parts to these changes, as follows:

1. Nature’s Field will be free from now on.

Those of you who have prepaid subscriptions will receive a credit on your account for the remaining issues on your subscription, which you can use to purchase anything you want or can apply to our new membership program. For those of you who aren’t subscribers, click here to subscribe.

The new Nature’s Field E-zine will be delivered monthly and will feature an in-depth article on our monthly theme. It will be from 4-8 pages in length, and will not include product handouts. (These will be included with our membership programs described below.)

2. We’ll have a monthly marketing theme.

In the past, our herbal hour videos, Sunshine Sharing issues and Nature’s Field articles have been pretty much unrelated. It’s only been in the past few months that I’ve started to tie these educational tools together.

By creating a coordinated theme, we are creating a marketing focus for each month. That is, the Sunshine Sharing issue and the Nature’s Field can be used to promote that month’s Herbal Hour topic. We’ll have several featured products selected to go with the theme, which we will provide product handouts for, as usual.

Materials for each topic will ship the month before so they will arrive around the first of the month. The product handouts, Sunshine Sharing issues and Herbal Hours will all be shipped at the same time. The Nature’s Field issue on that topic will be sent about the last day of the month. The topics for next year and the shipping dates for Sunshine Sharing, handouts and Herbal Hour DVDs are listed in the table below:

Iodine Deficiency
February Chinese Herbalism
March Inflammation
April Respiratory Allergies
May Adaptagens
June Natural Beauty
July Leaky Gut Syndrome
August Liver Detoxification
September Parasites
October Antioxidants and Aging
November Tonic Herbs
December Keeping a Healthy Home

3. We’ll now have two levels of membership.

As part of our focus on business building we’ll have offer two business building membership programs to Tree of Light—Silver Associate and Gold Associate.

Silver Associate Membership

The Silver Associate Program will include:

  • 50 copies of Sunshine Sharing
  • 3-6 Product Handouts on the Featured Monthly Products (which will be delivered with the Sunshine Sharing)
  • Access to the Member Area of the Tree of Light Website, where additional handouts, PowerPoint Presentations from the Herbal Hours and back issues of Nature’s Field will be available
  • Printed delivery of Nature’s Field
  • Right to purchase additional copies of Sunshine Sharing and Sunshine Sharing Back Issues at $5.00 per bundle of 25 copies (Non-subscribers can’t purchase back issues of Sunshine Sharing)
  • Ability to participate in our Affiliate Program (which will be described later)
    Silver Associate fee will be $32 per month. If you are already a Sunshine Sharing Subscriber, you will automatically be enrolled as a Silver Associate Member, unless you choose to upgrade to becoming a Gold Associate.

Gold Associate Membership

The Gold Associate Program will include:

  • All of the benefits of the Silver Associate Program, plus:
  • 100 copies of Sunshine Sharing (50 more copies than the Silver Associate package)
  • The monthly Herbal Hour Video
  • Right to purchase additional Herbal Hour Videos at $17.95 each (Regular Price is $29.95)
  • Monthly Product Education and Marketing Ideas Coaching Call (This call will feature Steven Horne and Kimberly Balas providing business and marketing tips about how to promote this month’s theme and build you business, plus a question and answer period on that month’s topic if you have any questions about the that month’s theme.)
  • Special offers and discounts on Tree of Light products (to be announced later).
    Gold Associate fee will be $76 per month.

Third, I will be doing less traveling and more training by teleseminars and telephone coaching.

This past year, I schedules some classes and lectures around the country. These seminars went well, but the truth is, it is very tiring to travel so much and it reaches a very limited number of people. Since my goal is to get this information out to as many people as possible, I have decided the best way to do this is to utilize the new technologies that are available and hold classes by telephone conference call. You can learn about our first teleseminar inside this issue.

In addition to these teleseminars, we’re also starting a Tree of Light business coaching program. There are two parts of this program.

The NSP Herbal Consultant Coaching Program

  • This will be a program for people who are new to the business and want to learn our Body System’s and ABC+D Approach to helping people find the supplements they need. It will include:
  • The ABC+D Course (which includes a manual and 2 videos)
  • An electronic copy of our New Healing It Yourself Reference Charts (showing the disease tree, body furnace and other models)
  • A Copy of the Comprehensive Guide to Nature’s Sunshine Products
  • 5 telephone coaching conference calls with Tree of Light trained coaches who understand the ABC+D system and have successful NSP businesses of their own.

The NSP Consultant Coaching program will cost $295 (and affiliates will get a $75 commission for anyone they refer who signs up for the coaching).

The NSP Business and Marketing Coaching Program

This program will feature 5 telephone coaching calls with me. There will also be handouts and a manual.

This program will be an additional $200, but will be included free for anyone who signs up with a Gold Membership to Tree of Light during the month of December and commits to three months of Gold Membership. Subscribers can cancel their Gold Membership anytime after the first three months.

To subscribe to a Gold Membership call 800-416-2887.

Schedule for the First Business and Marketing Coaching Program

  1. January 12 — 6:30 PM Mountain Time
    Coaching Session #1: Nothing is Impossible, So What Do You Want? Creating a Business and Lifestyle That Works for You
  2. January 19 — 6:30 PM Mountain Time
    Coaching Session #2: How Many Cookies Do You Want? Delayed Gratification and Passive Income.
  3. January 26 — 6:30 PM Mountain Time
    Coaching Session #3: You are a Genius! Building Your Personal Following.
  4. February 2 — 6:30 PM Mountain Time
    Coaching Session #4: Where the Rubber Meets the Road—Promoting Yourself and Your Business.
  5. February 9 — 6:30 PM Mountain Time
    Coaching Session #5: The Master Key to Abundance—Duplicating Your Success.

We plan to run both coaching programs monthly, and in the future, a person who registers for the entire program ($495) will receive two months of the Gold Associate program free, and affiliates will receive a $100 commission. Coaching programs will be announced in the free Nature’s Field newsletter. If you are not a subscriber, click here to subscribe.

Why I’m Offering Business Training and Coaching

Some of you may be wondering why I’m offering business and marketing training, and not just health and product training. Well, fueled by the desire to learn how to get my message out to more people, I’ve spent $12,000 in the past three years on books, audio tapes and seminars to learn all I could about publicity, marketing and business so I could acquire the knowledge and skills I needed to make this vision happen.

As I’ve been implementing what I’ve been learning, it has really helped my business to grow, and I haven’t even begun to implement a tenth of what I’ve already learned. Those of you who have known me for a long time know that one of the things I love to do is synthesize information, simplify it and pass it on to other people. Also, I figure one of the best ways I can reach more people is to help you reach more people. So, this coaching program and the monthly coaching calls you’ll receive with Gold Membership are my opportunity to share with you my $12,000+ worth of business and marketing training, to help all of us spread the message.

Fourth, we’ll be launching an affiliate program.

An affiliate marketing program is a way we can help our Members gain financial benefit from recommending our educational programs to their customers and distributors.

Our Basic and Gold members will receive a special promotional code, which they can put on flyers, in emails or other materials we’ll provide to promote our teleseminars and coaching programs. When a student uses that promotional code they’ll receive either a discount or a free bonus on the class. The Member will also receive a finder’s fee for each paid student.

In other words, we’re going to pay you for allowing us to train your customers and Distributors. So, by promoting our classes and coaching programs to your customers and Distributors, you’ll win in two ways:

1) You’ll receive checks from Tree of Light paying you commissions on every student who signs up.

2) Your customers and Distributors will receive NSP-oriented education that will help them build their NSP businesses, or, at the very least, buy more products from you.

It’s a win/win all the way around.

Later, we’ll introduce other products into our affiliate program, too. Details of our affiliate program will be announced to our Members during January and February.

Fifth, our materials will increasingly become more effective marketing tools.

As I learn more about marketing, I’m incorporating what I’m learning into the materials we produce. The biggest change you’ll see is in Sunshine Sharing. We’ll be slightly altering the look, and making it more focused on promoting specific products. We’ll also be working to make it more attention grabbing, so people will see the headline on the front cover and be enticed to read more.

For instance, our theme for January is iodine. The headline on Sunshine Sharing will be Are You Iodine Deficient? Underneath will be a short quiz people can take which shows the symptoms of iodine deficiency. The issue will be in the form of short pieces with headlines like: “Why 90% of the Population is Iodine Deficient,” “How Do I Correct Iodine Deficiency?” and so forth. Also, the reader will be encouraged in more than one place in the newsletter to contact the person who gave them the letter for more information. And. because we’ll be providing our subscribers with Handouts and Herbal Hour Videos on the topic you’ll be armed with the information to be the expert on the subject.

Of course, we’ll continue to offer our NHC and CHC courses as well as developing our CPH courses, many of which we will hold by teleseminar, and provide charts, booklets and other materials as we have done in the past. As I indicated, our goal with these new programs is to help NSP Managers and Distributors build larger businesses. This is a win/win for us at Tree of Light, because the bigger NSP grows, the larger the market becomes for the materials we’ve spent 20 years putting together.

If you want to learn more about Tree of Light’s new programs, we’ll be having a couple of conference calls, where we’ll be explaining the new program and answering people’s questions. Since we can host a limited number of people on each conference call, you’ll have to register for the call.

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