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The Therapeutic Uses of Vitamins and Minerals
The Therapeutic Uses of Vitamins and Minerals

Here’s an important idea to consider for anyone suffering from chronic ailments who is taking pharmaceutical drugs to regulate their symptoms. There’s no such thing as a drug deficiency causing chronic illness, but there are numerous nutritional deficiencies that contribute to the development of chronic diseases.

The problem is that not only are medical doctors given very little training in nutrition, the knowledge of how to use vitamin and minerals supplements for healing is lacking in the public at large.

That’s why Steven Horne and Kimberly Balas have teamed up to offer six lessons in using vitamins and minerals for healing. The focus is on the therapeutic use of these nutrients to heal specific health problems.

Here are the six lessons in this class. 

January 25: Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies and Illness

In this first class, Kim and I will discuss the link between nutritional deficiencies and chronic and degenerative illness. We’ll put forth the argument that most chronic illness could be avoided if we were just getting the nutrients we require. We’ll also talk about all the reasons why it’s nearly impossible for most people to get all the vitamins and minerals they need in our society. Because of farming practices, storage, processing, and shipping times, most foods we can purchase at the grocery store, even those we think of as natural or organic, simply do not have the nutritional density required for good health. We’ll also discuss recommended daily allowances (RDAs) as insufficient for maintaining optimal health and completely inadequate for healing. 

February 15: Therapeutic Use of Fat-Soluble Vitamins

In the 1930s, when studying the diets of healthy native people around the world and comparing them to people living on modern, processed foods, Dr. Weston Price discovered that native people had ten times more fat-soluble vitamins in their diet than their civilized counterparts. The situation is likely much worse today, especially because most people are taught to avoid animal fats in their diets. The lack of these nutrients is a major cause of bone and joint diseases, heart and circulatory diseases, brain and nervous system disorders, and chronic skin problems. It’s also increases one’s susceptibility to infectious diseases and also makes it more difficult to recover from them.

March 1: Therapeutic Use of Water-Soluble Vitamins

The introduction of refined foods, and especially refined carbohydrates, into modern diets had a catastrophic effect on human health. As science came to recognize that diseases like scurvy and beriberi were deficiencies in certain vitamins, steps were taken to prevent them by adding vitamin C and B-vitamins to certain foods. However, the amounts of these nutrients added to processed foods is often insufficient to maintain optimal health. It’s just enough to prevent over symptoms of deficiency, but not enough to keep the energy generating mitochondria in our cells functioning optimally or the numerous other biochemical functions dependent on these nutrients. The low energy, mood disorders, and high levels of stress experienced by many people in modern society are just the beginning of the numerous health problems people are experiencing as a result of less than optimal levels of these nutrients.

March 22: Therapeutic Use of Major Minerals

It’s been said that we’re made from the “dust of the earth,” that is, from minerals. Certain major minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, silicon, and iron are not only essential to the structure of the body, they also play critical roles in numerous functions. While few people suffer deficiencies of calcium, phosphorus, or sodium, numerous people aren’t getting enough magnesium, potassium, silicon, or iron. There are numerous chronic diseases that result from imbalances in these major minerals, including the obvious one’s like anemia and osteoporosis, to less obvious ones like migraine headaches, muscle spasms, kidney problems, and high blood pressure. 

April 12: Therapeutic Use of Trace Minerals

The discovery that certain minerals were needed in only trace amounts for optimal health is fairly recent and there is still a great deal we don’t know about the role of many minerals present in the human body. Due to chemical farming, depleted soils, and processed foods, it’s likely that nearly everyone is deficient in one or more of these trace minerals—zinc, copper, chromium, selenium, manganese, vanadium, boron, and lithium. Supplementing with these minerals can be tricky as they’re needed in small amounts, and too much can be as bad as too little. We’ll also discuss the iodine, which is not a mineral, in this session.

May 3: Vitamin and Mineral Co-Factors and Interactions

 One of the weaknesses of using supplements is that they are isolated. Whole foods are extremely complex containing thousands of compounds on which little research has been done. Many of these compounds enhance the uptake and utilization of various vitamins and minerals. These are known as co-factors, something we’ll discuss in this session. Vitamins and minerals also interact with each other in a kind of teeter-totter fashion. That is, high levels of zinc will depress levels of copper and vice-versa. This is why you don’t want to continue supplementing large quantities of any single nutrient for extended periods, just long enough to restore normal balance. We’ll also discuss this issue in this final lesson. 

Learn how these nutrients can help people heal from numerous ailments. Sign up today and get a $25 pre-registration discount. Discount will be taken at checkout.


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