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A Holistic Approach to Digestion


As human beings, we have to digest things. We have to digest our food, a process that involves breaking the food down, then extracting what is useful and discarding what is not, This is a core process of human health as, without good digestion, healthy food cannot benefit us. Poor digestion is a common problem in just about everyone who has a chronic illness, especially problems like cancer and diabetes.

But, we also have to digest information. Daily we are bombarded with information which does us no good if we are not able to break down and analyze what we have learned, extract what is useful, and make it a part of us, while we discard what is not useful. The inability to digest life is strongly connected with the inability to digest food.

The stomach and the mind are connected via the solar plexus, which regulates our gut instincts. Gut instincts are our inner knowing. It's the knowing that animals have, the instinct which tells them what they can eat and what is not good for them. Animal instinct causes animals to seek out plants when they are sick or sense the presence of predators before they are picked up by the senses of sight, sound, and smell.

Human beings have instincts, too, and our instincts can help us seek out what is good and useful in life and avoid what is bad. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us have been taught to mistrust our instincts or worse yet, completely ignore them. As a result, we wind up unable to digest life. We absorb ideas, experiences, habits, and beliefs which do not serve us and miss out on the things that would benefit us. 

In this Holistic Approach webinar, we'll explore the relationship between the solar plexus, gut instincts, and digestion. We'll specifically talk about the hiatal hernia and it's emotional and physical causes, as well as the underlying emotional issues behind poor digestion. We'll talk about remedies that work on both levels to help people digest food and their life experiences. 


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