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Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Flu?

  • January 10, 2017

Every winter fear tactics are used to encourage people to get vaccines to protect themselves from the "dangerous" flu and every few years the news media hypes a new flu scare—swine flu, Asian flu, etc. In this Herbal Hour video Steven Horne explains why the flu is nothing to be afraid of and how you can both prevent and cure it with natural remedies.

Weightier Matters

  • January 10, 2017

Here's a webinar Steven did a while back on the subject of weight loss and why it's more than just restricting calories and exercising.

Diabetes: A Modern Epidemic

  • December 15, 2016

This is a video Steven did on diabetes about a decade ago. He's learned a lot more about this condition than he knew then, but the information is still good and the problem with diabetes and it's related condition, metabolic syndrome is even worse now than it was then.


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Cold Cures and Flu Fixes

You’ve heard the old saying, "There is no cure for the common cold." Well, of course there is a cure for the common cold! If there wasn't, then how did you recover from your last cold? The truth is that the body knows how to cure colds and flu, and all you have to do is learn how to support the body's efforts and you'll find that you can recover very rapidly from these viral conditions.  This article tells you how.

Obviously, the body knows how to cure a cold because it does so all the time. So, why do people say there's no cure for the common cold? It’s because they don’t know how to support the body in fighting off a cold or the flu.


Featured NSP Products

HCP-X (Herbal Composition)

This traditional formula that has been used successfully to treat colds, flu, sore throats, coughs, congestion and other acute ailments for over 200 years. Developed by the pioneer herbalist Samuel Thomson, it was originally called composition or composition powder (HCP stands for Herbal Composition Powder).  Thomson claimed the formula was used to “scour the bowels and remove the canker (mucus and toxins).” He used it as a tea, along with lobelia and capsicum, as part of a system for eliminating infectious diseases.

Silver Shield

Silver Sheild is an amazing antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal product. It's patented formula assures that it is completely safe and effective. It's a great natural disinfectant for preventing illness and treating topical injuries.

CC-A with Yerba Santa

Powerful liquid herbal formula for coughs and colds

CC-A with Yerba Santa offers a helpful path to recovery when cold viruses and flu bugs are running rampant. This liquid herbal formula has been carefully created to help clear lung congestion, decrease coughs, and get rid of nasal stuffiness. It even helps prevent viruses from reproducing inside the body. Several of the herbs have mild anti-inflammatory properties, which is important during the onset and duration of respiratory symptoms.


FV™ is a digestive and immune support formula designed to provide significant amounts of magnesium, manganese, iron, silicon, and sodium—nutrients which help these body systems perform effectively.  This combination helps to relieve muscle spasms, soothe muscle pains, relieve nausea and other influenza symptoms, fight infections, and promote the production of digestive fluids.