Health Quizzes

The following quizzes are available as interactive online quizzes:

Free Downloads

Mega Chel Oral Chelation Program (US)

Mega Chel Oral Chelation Program (Canadian Version)

These handouts provide instructions for doing oral chelation with Mega Chel.  This is a program designed to reduce arterial plaque and dramatically improve circulation.

Gall Bladder Flush Instructions

This handout contains instructions for doing a gall bladder flush with olive oil and lemon juice.

Body System's Questionaire (pdf)

Body System's Questionaire (Excell spreadsheet)

Our Body System's Questionaire is an advanced version of NSP's Lifestyle Analysis, which was originally created and recently updated by Steven Horne.  The Body System's Questionaire works with the eleven body systems discussed in our Comprehensive Guide to Nature's Sunshine Products, the ABC+D course and other Tree of Light Materials. The spreadsheet version automatically totals a person's answers.

Other Resources

In addition to the materials available through Tree of Light, the following vendors also offer NSP friendly educational materials.

Sound Concepts

Sound Concepts produces a variety of tools for NSP Managers and Distributors. Some of them have been written by Steven. What they offer changes regularly depending on what NSP is promoting in its educational seminars.
Phone: 888-225-6601

Herb Allure

Herb Allure carries the Hart Manual is one of the best NSP product references, available both printed and on CD. They also carry other books and NSP-friendly educational tools and sales tools.
Phone: 800-358-4278

NSP Audio

The Jensen’s have recorded NSP conventions and other events for 20 years. They have thousands of audio tapes for NSP Managers and Distributors, including a number of programs by Steven Horne. Karen Jensen has also produced some books and materials on her own.
Phone: 800-811-1132

Cobblestone Health, Ltd.

Located in Canada, Cobblestone Health is run by Judith Cobb, a long time friend and associate. She has written many articles for Nature’s Field, which can be found on our archive CD. Judith has produced both videos and books on NSP products.
Phone: 403-287-2991

Sunshine Support

Offers Recipes for Success, a guide to using NSP products for various health problems on recipe cards or CD. Also offers other business support materials, including business software.
Phone: 877-877-6783

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