Webinar Recordings

This section is for handouts and recordings for free webinars.

Vaccines and the Immune System

This is a free webinar where I discuss the controversial issue of mandatory vaccination and why I believe vaccination should be voluntary. More importantly, I discuss how the immune system works and offer practical suggestions on how to enhance your immune function and reduce the risks of side effects if you do chose to get vaccinated (or are forced to receive vaccinations).

Epigenetics and Traditional Constitution Typing

At one time scientists believed that our intellegence and health were largely determined by our genetics. Based on this, science fiction writers foresaw using genetic engineering to produce healthier and more intelligent offspring. We now know that this simply isn't the case. Our environment, diet and lifestyle choices, and even our thoughts and beliefs influence how our genes express themselves through the epigenome. This free webinar explores this new science of epigenetics and how it relates to the traditional idea of constitution.

Facts and Myths About Detoxification

In this free class with professional herbalists Steven Horne, RH(AHG) and Thomas Easley, RH(AHG) you'll learn why cleansing or detoxification is a valid therapy and why there isn't a "one-shoe-fits-all-sizes" cleansing program.  We'll help you understand when cleansing is needed and when it is NOT a good idea to cleanse.  We'll also give you some practical suggestions on how to use detoxification therapy in a way that doesn't mean you have to "feel worse before you feel better."

Herbs and Emotional Healing Webinar

Working with emotions is an important part of the paradigm of holistic healing.  In this free webinar, conducted for the American Herbalists Guild (AHG), I talk about the link between our emotions and physical health issues and tissue states, how herbs (especially when used in the form of flower essences) can help to heal emotional issues and how to see all emotions, including the so-called negative ones, in a positive light.

Simple Secrets

This webinar is the first lesson in my Fundamentals of Natural Healing class.  I offered it for free to give people a sample of the kind of information in this course.  This first session explains inflammation and pain, the process of tissue injury, and introduces six secrets to relieving pain and reversing tissue damage.

Why Herbs? Webinar

In this free webinar, Thomas Easley and I will discuss why herbal medicine is still a viable alternative in modern times. We’ll discuss why herbal medicine is good for our bodies, good for our souls, good for society and good for the environment.

The Healing Properties of Turmeric Webinar

Turmeric is a spice that is frequently used in Indian cooking.  It imparts an earthy flavor and yellow color to foods, but it also has amazing benefits for human health.  It's chief constituent, curcumin, has been extensively studied as an anti-inflammatory agent and may be helpful for a wide range of health problems.  In this free webinar, The Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin, Steven Horne, RH(AHG) will share some of the research on this amazing herb and it's primary active constituent, curcumin.

Blood Type and Nutrition Webinar

Our blood type (O, A, B and AB) is a factor in how our immune system responds to our environment. Each blood type has its own unique nutritional needs and each blood type responds differently to stress. In this free webinar, featuring special guest Kimberly Balas, ND, we discuss why blood type is important to consider in selecting an optimal diet and supplements. Dr. Balas has worked with Peter D'Adamo and has years of experience and insights into understanding how to work with each of the blood types. She shares her expertise with us in this webinar.

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Implementing NSP's New Programs into Your Herbal Practice

At the Convention in Cancun, NSP unveiled their Brilliant Body, Brilliant Business program - a systematic approach to their product line and marketing.  This webinar will introduce the core products and discuss how the new Brilliant Body Packs integrate with the LIfestyle Analysis and how herbal practitioners can adopt these concepts into their business.

The Herbs of Christmas

There are many herbs and medicinal plants associated with Christmas.  In this webinar, Steven Horne and Thomas Easley discuss the uses of frankincense, myrrh, mistletoe, holly, ivy, pine, vanilla, cinnamon and chocolate.