Flower Essences

Tree of Light founder Steven Horne formulated Nature's Sunshine's Flower Essence Products with the assistance of Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz of FES services. These blends are designed around the emotional healing model taught in his book The Heart's Key to Health, Happiness and Success. You can read about each of the blends below.

We have a free quiz that you can take online to determine what flower essences you need. We also sell these quizzes in a tear-off pad of 100 quizzes which you can purchase to use with clients. We also have a booklet that explains the seven emotional states addressed by these flower essence blends called Healting with Flowers and a full-color brochure about them called The Power of the Flower which we sell in packs of 25.

Be Response-Able

The Be Response-Able flower essence blend was designed to help people who are caught up in addictive, obsessive or self-destructive behaviors. It is designed to help them get in touch with the inner emotions (and particularly the fears) that are driving their dysfunctional and often self-destructive behavior. As its name implies Be Response-Able helps a person take responsibility for their life and behavior. It promotes self-awareness and self-honesty, which helps a person be true to themselves and make choices that move their life in a more positive direction.

Be Courageous

Be Courageous is a flower essence blend that helps a person develop the courage to take action in the face of their fears. It helps them find the self-confidence to pursue the goals and directions they desire in life. It helps them trust their own observations and judgment rather than blindly trusting in and following the advice of others.

Open Heart Flower Essence Blend

Open Heart is a blend of seven flower essences that help people to heal wounds that are keeping them from having an open, loving heart. It helps a person recognize and acknowledge their unresolved wounds from childhood and previous relationships. It helps them to face their suppressed pain and grief and find healing, which enables them to open up to love, warmth and vulnerability again. Open Heart is designed to increases compassion, empathy and trust in relationships, making it a useful remedy for people who are experiencing problems that have caused a loss of love in relationships.

Release It Flower Essence Blend

Release It is a blend of seven flower essences that help a person go through a healthy grieving process so they can let go of the pain and sadness and find joy again. It is helpful for people who are going through breakups, divorce or death of loved ones. It can also help people who are clinging to the past to let go of it and find hope and confidence to face the future. Release It is also a good remedy for those who complain a lot and blame others for their problems and lack of success.

Find Strength Flower Esssence Blend

The Find Strength remedy is helpful for “people pleasers” and enablers, who tolerate abuse and neglect instead of standing up for themselves. It helps people to set healthy boundaries for others and have the courage to communicate openly and honestly in relationships.

Keep Cool Flower Essence Blend

The Keep Cool remedy is a blend of seven flower essences that are helpful for people who are easily irritated, impatient with others and tend to lose their temper. It helps a person be more receptive to other people’s points of view and work for cooperation, rather than competition, in relationships. It promotes forgiveness of past hurts, tolerance for differences, acceptance of others, and facilitates more open and loving communication.

Distress Remedy Flower Essence Blend

Distress Remedy is a blend of seven flower essences that can be used to restore a sense of presence and awareness during shock or trauma. It can help a person stay calm in a crisis situation, keeping them from going into panic or losing their temper. The remedy can also be used to help a person who has been physically injured to over come shock. It will even promote tissue healing.