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Biological Terrain Chart for the Structural System

The Biological Terrain Chart for the Structural System is helpful for determining remedies to use on the skin, hair, bones, teeth, muscles and other tissues. Learning how to identify biological terrain imbalances in structural tissues is a good way to start to understand biological terrain.

Biological Terrrain Chart for the Respiratory System

Here's another one of our biological terrain charts. This one is for the respiratory system. You can download a pdf version of the chart at the end of the article.

Biological Terrain for the Immune System chart

This article contains my Biological Terrain Chart for the Immune System. You can  download a pdf version of this chart and are free to print and distribute the chart, email it or post it on a website provided you do not alter it in any way.

Biological Terrain for the Nervous System Chart

This article provides a copy of my ABC+D biological terrain chart for the nervous system along with a guide to various NSP products that help the nerves. You are free to download and distribute the chart (or use it in emails or on a website) provided you do not alter it in any way.

Biological Terrain Chart for the Digestive System

This is an article discussing the six imbalances in biological terrain as they manifest themselves in the digestive system. It includes a downloadable color chart.

The Disease Tree™

Anyone who has been studying with me for any length of time has heard me refer to the Disease Tree™. This model comprehensive framework helps a person understand where disease comes from and how to approach it from a holistic perspective rather than a symptom-treatment perspective. It is found in our Comprehensive Guide to Nature's Sunshine Products and many of our coursess. I've decided to post it here because I want as many people as possible to understand this concept, because it gives structure to everything a person learns about disease, health, the body, remedies, and assessment techniques.

The Six Tissue Terrains

The biological terrain is the internal environment of the body and is the common demonimator in the entire disease process. Understanding biological terrain is key to understanding the basic actions of herbs and how to select effective remedies. This article introduces the six tissue states and corresponding basic actions of herbs. It also lists NSP products that can be helpful for balancing each of the six biological terrain imbalances.

The ABC+D System

Creating good health is not really about eliminating disease, it's about working with your body and providing it the tools it needs to maintain its natural, healthy state. There are four main steps we can use to identify problems and help the body achieve good health.  The simple mnemonic "ABC+D" is an easy way to remember these health-building activities. This article explains the ABC+D Approach to health taught in our courses and includes the full color chart giving an overview of the system.

Super Foods: Proving Food is Your Best Medicine

Many TV shows, internet sites and magazines are calling various nutritionally-dense foods SuperFoods.  The term isn’t just hype. It’s based on the fact that these foods contain nutrients that tend to be lacking in modern diets.  SuperFoods contain large quantities of natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and other compounds that can give us more energy, promote healing and fend of disease. Adding SuperFoods and superfood supplements into one's diet is a wonderful way to improve overall health.

Paw Paw Cell Reg

Nature's Sunshine Products makes a unique and powerful product called Paw Paw Cell Reg, which contains a standardized extract of acetogenins from the twigs of the American paw paw tree. This product is one of the most effective, non-toxic natural products for cancer in the marketplace. It is also useful for viral infections, fungal infections, parasites and head lice.